About the Logo

The logo for Humanimalia was created by two snails dancing on an app built by Mari Bastashevski and Sam Lavigne. 

The app, Unwhorl, converts any touch screen into an interactive plane for gastropods to play, paint, and share music and sketches in real time. The transmissions occur between a rout of snails based in NYC, Berlin, Lausanne, and Rotterdam. 

Unwhorl is an experiment in platform ethology. One, we claim, can aspire to be both a purely speculative gesture towards the future of fauna-facing tech, and a hardware for a specific mode of cultural production. 

Initially, this experiment was inspired by observing the snails interacting with the touchpad devices with the intention of parsing their touch. We presumed it would be something akin to a lingering thumb. It turned out snails have up to six touch points. Three on the body, two on the antennas, as well as the lingering touch that is the trail.

You can follow the latest exploits of the Unwhorl gastronauts on Instagram and Twitter.