Beyond the human/non-human dichotomy

the philosophical problem of human animality


  • Felice Cimatti






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Author Biography

Felice Cimatti

Felice Cimatti teaches Philosophy of Language and Contemporary Italian Philosophy at the University of Calabria. Among his main publications: Il senso della mente (The sense of mind. For a critique of cognitivism) [Bollati Boringhieri, 2004] , Il volto e la parola (The Face and the word. Toward a superficial psychology) [Quodlibet, 2007], Il possibile e il reale. Il sacro dopo la morte di dio (The possible and the real. The sacred after the death of God) [Codice Edizioni, 2009], La vita che verrà. Biopolitica per Homo sapiens (The life to come. Biopolitics for Homo sapiens) [ombre corte, 2011], Filosofia dell'animalità (Philosophy of animality) [Laterza, 2013], Il taglio. Linguaggio e pulsione di morte (The Cut. Language and the death drive) [Quodlibet 2015]. He co-edited with Silvia Vizzardelli Filosofia della psicoanalisi (Philosophy of psychoanalysis) [Quodlibet, 2012], with Alberto Luchetti; Corpo, linguaggio e psicoanalisi (Body, language and psychoanalysis) [Quodlibet, 2013]; and with Leonardo Caffo A come animale (A as an animal. For a bestiary of feelings) [Bompiani 2015]. He co-directes the Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio(; he is one of the founders of the Centro studi filosofia e psicoanalisi at the Department of Humanities of the University of Calabria. In 2012 he received the Cesare Musatti Award from the SPI (Italian Psychoanalytical Society). He teaches at the Istituto freudiano, based in Rome.




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Cimatti, Felice. 2016. “Beyond the human/non-Human Dichotomy: The Philosophical Problem of Human Animality”. Humanimalia 7 (2):35-55.