Queering Multispecies Bonding

Reading Donna Haraway’s Dog Stories as Queer Feminism


  • Kuura Irni University of Helsinki Author




By conducting a queer theoretical reading of Donna Haraway’s work on dogs, this paper develops queer feminist animal studies by focusing on the critique and rethinking of anthropocentric family and relationship norms. Starting with Haraway’s proposal in Staying with the Trouble to “make kin, not babies” and to question the link between genealogy and kin, this paper reads Haraway’s dog stories as queer feminism. The paper argues that Haraway’s thinking aligns with queer feminist scholarship that questions the link between sex and reproduction also in nonhuman animal lives and that recognizes the value of alternatives to compulsory sexuality and couple normativity, such as Angela Willey’s ethics of antimonogamy. By conceptualizing a romantic, non-sexual relationship with a dog, Haraway’s texts destabilize normative ideals of significant relationships between adults and present an alternative to the anthropocentric understandings of intimacy and family. The paper suggests that initiating a discussion about these alternative relationship constellations in the context of feminist animal studies makes it possible to build connections between critical perspectives in animal studies and queer and sexuality studies in order to develop alternatives to couple normative, racialized, class-based, and anthropocentric family and relationship norms.


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Author Biography

  • Kuura Irni, University of Helsinki

    Kuura Irni’s scholarly, activist, and personal interests have recently focused on critical feminist animal studies, environmental humanities, science studies, intersectional feminisms, queer theory and communities, and cats. She works currently as University Lecturer at University of Helsinki and lead the research project Climate Sustainability in the Kitchen: Everyday Food Cultures in Transition.







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Irni, Kuura. 2020. “Queering Multispecies Bonding: Reading Donna Haraway’s Dog Stories As Queer Feminism”. Humanimalia 12 (1): 188-209. https://doi.org/10.52537/humanimalia.9435.