Storied-Places in a Multispecies City


  • Thom van Dooren
  • Deborah Bird Rose






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Author Biographies

Thom van Dooren

Thom van Dooren is a lecturer in philosophy and environmental studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His current research focuses on ethical and philosophical issues in the context of species extinctions, with a particular focus on birds. He is the author of Vulture (Reaktion Books, 2011) and co-editor with Deborah Bird Rose of the Ecological Humanities section of the Australian Humanities Review.

Deborah Bird Rose

Deborah Bird Rose is Professor of Social Inclusion at Macquarie University, Sydney, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. Her research focuses on human / nonhuman relationships in this time of extinctions. Recent books include Wild Dog Dreaming: Love and Extinction (2011, University of Virginia Press, in their series ‘Under the Sign of Nature: Explorations in Ecocriticism’), the re-released second edition of Country of the Heart: An Indigenous Australian Homeland (2011, Aboriginal Studies Press), and the third edition of the prize-winning ethnography Dingo Makes Us Human (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Flying Fox Photo © Nick Edards




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